Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Come, one and all, to relive Game 3 of the Finals through the NBA’s ‘Micro-Movie’ (Video)

For a blowout win that was over by the fourth quarter, this sure is one compelling video. NBA entertainment knows what it’s doing. As does San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, who delivered the best in-huddle lines of the evening, as is usually the case. Give it a watch:

This sort of winds down our Game 3 coverage, so for those of you that missed out in a wave of linkdom and potential G3 fatigue earlier on Wednesday, here’s a roundup of Yahoo! Sports’ reaction to San Antonio’s significant win:

Gary Neal got the team’s momentum rolling by halftime, hitting a three-pointer at the halftime buzzer to give San Antonio a six-point lead. Dan Wetzel later dove into the long and arduous road both Neal and teammate Danny Green had to traverse to become Finals contributors.

The Spurs exploded in the second half, racking up the third-largest winning margin in NBA Finals history, nailing a record 16 three-pointers along the way. Some of the attention to detail and obsession with precision that went into that run was no doubt influenced by coach Popovich, whose stint in the Air Force was documented by Dan Devine on Wednesday.

Be-diapered, mustachioed children were also documented in the aftermath of San Antonio’s win, celebrating in the streets long after Heat start LeBron James left the Miami locker room in frustration after yet another tough game at the hands of the Spurs. San Antonio’s AT&T Center was full of Game 3 hi-jinks, featuring fans with images of their basketball idols (in this case, Manu Ginobili) shaved into the back of their heads, to Spurs fans mockingly aping the Heat’s ‘Seven Nation Army’ cheer in the latter stages of the San Antonio win.

Tony Parker was not around for those latter stages after leaving the game due to injury, and while an MRI taken on Wednesday didn’t reveal a series-changing hamstring tear, he is still day-to-day with a hamstring malady. And as the dust settled and game tapes flickered back up on Wednesday, we gathered a series of links (around 10) to various sites breaking down LeBron’s unfortunate evening.

In all, not a bad amount of entertainment from a 36-point win.

(HT: Pro Basketball Talk.)

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