Friday, 7 June 2013

Tracy McGrady sponsors a phone app that makes life more convenient for terrible people (Video)

Tracy McGrady did not play in San Antonio’s Game 1 win over the Miami Heat on Thursday night, and the seven-time All-Star has played just 17 minutes total during San Antonio’s postseason run. This has left T-Mac with a whole lot of time on his hands, but even hands-free devices aren’t allowed on the San Antonio sideline. That’s OK, because when Tracy McGrady develops an appetite in the locker room following a game, he goes right for his phone, and his DasDak app.

The result? A meal will be waiting for him at his hotel room when he arrives. Which would never happen if Tracy (or a Spurs employee) decided to call his hotel’s room service in advance.

Tracy appears at the 1:55 mark of the video. Take a look:

(WHY IS EVERYONE ORDERING SLIDERS?!?!? You want to know what your friend is ordering, before you order? THEY ORDERED SLIDERS! Also, your other friend may have a drinking problem.)

We can safely say that the people featured in this advertisement are the absolute worst. We adore Tracy McGrady, and wish him the very best with his post-NBA endeavors, but he really has to start developing apps for better people.

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