Thursday, 6 June 2013

LeBron James will be on the cover of ‘NBA 2K14′

It seems almost unbelievable that 10 years into a Hall of Fame career that's included four NBA Most Valuable Player awards, four trips to the NBA Finals, an NBA championship and countless appearances in all manner of advertisements, commercials and pop-culture media, LeBron James has never been on the cover of a video game. Unbelievable, and yet true.

Until now, that is.

2K Sports, the makers of the über-popular "NBA 2K" series of video games, unveiled the Miami Heat superstar as the cover athlete for this year's edition, "NBA 2K14," which will be released for PlayStation 3, XBox 360 and PC on Oct. 1, with editions for next-generation gaming platforms like PS4 and XBox One (which themselves have not yet been released) coming once those systems hit shelves.

2K made the reveal in this TV commercial, which aired on ABC just before the start of Game 1 of the NBA Finals between James' Heat and the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night:

In a second clip released on the 2K YouTube channel, James teases a special "King James Bonus Pack" with special features and additional content available to gamers who pre-order this year's model. The Heat star says "2K14" will be "the best sports video game this world has ever seen." One would assume that would make it at least comparable to the best offerings on other worlds as well.

James takes over the mantle of 2K cover athlete from the "NBA 2K13" standard-bearing trio of Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant, who shared the honor last year.

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