Tuesday, 25 June 2013

NBA TV aired an ad selling ‘San Antonio Spurs 2013 NBA champions’ gear (Video)

It’s been well established, for years, that leagues prepare to sell merchandise celebrating both potential outcomes in a championship round – which is why so much bootleg Buffalo Bills Super Bowl-winning paraphernalia has been floating around for two decades. Rarely does this sort of stuff see the light of day, which is why it was so weird to see an advertisement celebrating San Antonio’s hoped-for 2013 NBA championship run on NBA TV, before being mocked on CNN – with both stations operating under the Turner umbrella!

Via Daytime in No Time, have a look:

(I do have to disagree with Nikki regarding this round. You’re not chumps, NBA TV, and we like you a lot. In fact, for a couple of years during my leaner days over a decade ago, the only programming I had on my Direct TV set-up was NBA TV, plus NBA League Pass and some, ahem, appropriated city cable that allowed me to see playoff games. So that meant that once the season ended, I had just one channel. And it showed a lot of “classic” Miami Heat/New York Knicks games.)

San Antonio fans will have to console themselves by crying into their 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007 NBA champion paraphernalia. While shielding their eyes from the glare off of Tim Duncan’s many championship rings.

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