Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Listen to Denver Nugget coach Brian Shaw’s rap song from 1994 (Video)

In 1993, newly-hired Denver Nuggets coach Brian Shaw’s parents and sister perished in a one-car crash. Stricken by grief but unbowed, Shaw (then a member of the Orlando Magic) decided to cobble together a one-off hip-hop song that the Denver Post’s Benjamin Hochman led us to on Tuesday afternoon.


For an amateur’s attempt, this tune is actually pretty darn good, exhibiting the sort of trademarks that you’d find from that era: Native Tongues hallmarks mixed with the Roger Troutman-esque synthesizer line made popular on Dr. Dre more popular productions.

We’ll delve further into Shaw’s future as Nuggets coach on Wednesday, but for now this stands as an interesting reminder of Brian Shaw the player – a well-respected, thoughtful contributor that many had pegged for head coaching stardom long before he hung up his sneakers. Not only will he become the first NBA head coach with a rap game to his name, he’ll be the first with a well-regarded and actually quite listenable tune to his credit.

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