Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Justin Bieber looked fashionable, very engaged at Heat-Pacers Game 7

Hey there, Justin Bieber. Glad to see you could make it to courtside for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers on Monday. I'd seen your tweet asking the Beliebers who they thought would win, but I wasn't sure you'd be able to get to the game — I figured you might have to lay low until some of that Keyshawn Johnson heat dies down — so when the TNT cameras spotted you, it was a pleasant surprise. (Although I was a little bummed you didn't join the broadcast. I haven't heard "Boom goes the dynamite" in a while.)

Sorry it wasn't a more competitive game, though. I know — by the end, there, I was just folding my arms, staring at the clock and wishing it would be over, too. Who wants to see garbage time? Especially when such weird stuff can happen in garbage time.

Also, for what it's worth, I like your style, Justin Bieber. That colorful Heat hat — the throwback, snapback look remixed with an acid-wash-looking finish — is pretty rad. And if the reported $450 sticker price (from the same designer, apparently, who outfitted Kevin Durant's Seattle SuperSonics hat) is accurate, it seems like a small price to pay to show your long-held Heat allegiance.

The leather shirt and pants were a nice touch, too — a good way to let injured Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook know that we're thinking about him and that we miss his postgame swag. And I appreciate your tasteful, understated jewelry choices — I mean, who needs Flo Rida's absolutely monstrous Jesus piece? Your smaller gold Jesus piece enables you to wear more chains, which I think we all agree is a better idea/look/fit. No one would give a [expletive] about him if his name was 1 Chain, after all.

Also, did you want someone to ask the event crew to dim the lights a little? I noticed that you were wearing your sunglasses inside while sitting front row at a basketball game, so I'm guessing it was way too bright in your particular section. The ushers and arena team are normally pretty willing to at least pass a message along to see if there's anything they can do — well, at least, I'm sure they would be for the MVP of the 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, anyway. It's just a shame that these lighting screw-ups keep happening to you, like when you were at Game 7 between the Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks, or when you played a bit of footy last month, or when you played bubble hockey on a Segway (duh) last October. We've got to get more low-lumen bulbs in sports arenas, guys.

Rocking all that leather under hot lights must dehydrate a man, though, right? Like, you look parched:

Seriously, grab some water, man.

OK, cool.

Hey, good to see you, Justin Bieber. Tell Sam Perkins, M.J., Missy Franklin and Mike Tyson I said what's up. And for real — stay hydrated.

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