Friday, 21 June 2013

A Cleveland meteorologist gives an entire summertime forecast without using the word ‘heat’ (Video)

On Thursday night, with the Miami Heat having assured their second straight title after three Finals appearances since LeBron James left Cleveland for South Beach, WEWS meteorologist Mark Johnson delivered an entire midsummer weather forecast without using the word “heat.”

Even in Cleveland, a town that seems to go from brutal Lake Erie-blown cold to the dead of summer over the course of a fortnight, this effort was tougher than you’d imagine. Watch:

Some have criticized Johnson for the maneuver, pointing out that it’s been nearly three years since LeBron James’ infamous “Decision,” telling the man and his fans to move on. Even after 105 regular and postseason Miami Heat games since October, the anti-Heat enmity that ran amok during most of the 2010-11 season seems to have dimmed a bit, and it might probably be time for guys like Johnson to take it easy, and focus on more Cleveland-y matters.

Then again, it’s a local weather broadcast on a random Thursday in June, with Johnson giving the same forecast that he’ll probably have to give nearly nightly from now until the leaves change colors. It’s just fine for the guy to mix it up a bit and have some fun. To stave off nature red in tooth and claw. To blow away the boredom, in front of a green screen.

We get it, Mark Johnson. Good work with your thesaurus, my man.

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