Friday, 18 January 2013

Zach Randolph meets Lucky the pit bull, a.k.a. ‘Little Z-Bo,’ on ‘Pit Bulls and Parolees’ (VIDEO)

Last Friday, we discussed Zach Randolph's fear of cats, a revelation brought about by an interview tied to his appearance on the Animal Planet series "Pit Bulls and Parolees." The cat thing was a fun goof, but the good that Z-Bo did by donating $10,000 to New Orleans' Villalobos Rescue Center to cover the costs of rehabilitating and caring for a pit bull that had been found trapped in a Memphis drainpipe back in July was the real story, told in an episode that aired this past week.

In case you missed it, the folks at Beyond the Buzzer did not:

Five things that stood out to me during the six-minute segment:

1. It's pretty great that Z-Bo's rocking the Vancouver Grizzlies hat.

2. It's very great that the producers felt they needed to add subtitles for Randolph's talking-head sequence.

2. I instantly wanted to make sure to keep tabs on Lucky's/Little Z-Bo's well-being, because I hate how scared he looked after the ordeal he went through.

3. "Off parole! Zach Randolph! Rescuing dogs! Memphis!" is a very great string of excited stuff to get to yell into a TV camera.

4. Villalobos founder/pit bull trainer Tia Torres calling the Memphis Grizzlies power forward "exactly the kind of athlete that kids should look up to as a hero," which, no matter how many stories you read about how he's grown and matured over the years, will probably never stop seeming at least marginally crazy.

In conclusion: If you come into contact with any dogs this weekend, be nice to them, y'all. And if you come into contact with Zach Randolph, observe the same guideline.

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